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God loves everyone. Therefore, we do, too.

We invite you to come experience God's love in our church family.

All too often, LIFE and CHURCH are mutually exclusive ideas. We're on a mission to change to change that. Jesus says He came to bring LIFE in all its fullness. It is our aim to experience that life, together, and to share it.

Our style is informal, our attitude is relaxed,

and our Sunday morning dress code is: please do.

Our basic goal is to be a healthy, vibrant community of faith that is

positive, supportive, relational, and rooted in Jesus’ teaching about

how to enjoy life as God intends.

We meet in an elementary school gym, so we hope that's a non-threatening environment for people to meet God.

We have classes for kids from birth through 5th grade,

so parents can relax in church & kids get what they need.

Come check us out. See if we're the real deal. Ask questions. Grow with us. We're all on this journey, together.


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